Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jennifer Garner Expecting Rumours After Photo 

Jennifer Garner: Jennifer Garner Expecting Rumours After Photo: "BEN AFFLECK's girlfriend JENNIFER GARNER has sparked reports she's pregnant with the Hollywood hunk's baby after she was photographed with a bulging stomach..

The couple met on the set of 2003 movie DAREDEVIL and allegedly got engaged 11 days ago (22APR05) fuelling rumours they are expecting a child.
And celebrity experts insist it's unlikely Garner's swollen belly is a result of over- eating or lack of exercise, because she famously devotes herself to a gruelling health and fitness regime, reports British newspaper THE SUN.

An insider says, 'Jennifer was showing quite a big bump and she was walking very carefully."

Friday, April 22, 2005

Report: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Engaged 

7Online.com: Report: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Engaged: "Citing a 'close friend' of Affleck's, People says the 'Pearl Harbor' actor has been privately spreading the news. A friend of Garner's told the magazine in February that she expected Affleck to propose.

Affleck's publicist, Ken Sunshine, would not comment on the reports. A call to Garner's rep was not returned.

As you may have heard, Affleck got engaged to Jennifer Lopez in 2002, but they called it off in January 2004. As opposed to the ridiculous amount of publicity Affleck got with J.Lo, he and Garner have stayed on the down low.

They met while shooting the action flick 'Daredevil,' but didn't begin dating until 2004. Their lone public appearance together has been a trip to the 2004 World Series in Boston.

The marriage would be Garner's second. The 33-year-old 'Alias' star was divorced from actor Scott Foley in March 2004."

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Report: Ben Affleck Proposes to Jen Garner 

FOXNews.com - Foxlife - Report: Ben Affleck Proposes to Jen Garner: "Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck proposed to his girlfriend, 'Alias' star Jennifer Garner, after her 33rd birthday party Saturday at her Brentwood, Calif., home, Star magazine reported.

Affleck, 32, bought Garner a $500,000, 4.5-carat Harry Winston engagement ring - as compared to the 6.1-carat pink diamond ring from Winston he got for his former fiancee Jennifer Lopez, the magazine reported.

Affleck and Garner first worked together on the 2003 movie 'Daredevil.' According to imdb.com, Garner became tangled in the wires that were helping her do a flip in a stunt for the movie, and she nearly crashed into a wall that she was supposed to flip off."

Monday, April 18, 2005

Birthday Girl Jennifer Garner Laughs Off Wedding Rumors 

Birthday Girl Jennifer Garner Laughs Off Wedding Rumors: "Hollywood couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have laughed off rumors they married over the weekend--insisting they were celebrating the Alias beauty's 33rd birthday with a lavish party.

The stunning actress erected a huge marquee in the garden of her Brentwood, Los Angeles home on Saturday, prompting speculation Garner would wed her Daredevil co-star.

Hordes of paparazzi camped outside Garner's home as Alias creator JJ Abrams and Affleck's actor brother Casey Affleck and fianc´┐Że Summer Phoenix arrived at the bash.

One guest added to the rumors when he joked to the photographers as he was leaving, saying, 'that was the best wedding ever.'

As well as actual wedding ceremony rumors, Britain's News of the World tabloid claimed Sunday Affleck would be getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend of 10-months at the bash.

Affleck's representative Ken Sunshine denied Affleck and Garner were married over the weekend."

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ABC renews 'Alias' with Jennifer Garner 

Dateline Alabama: "'Lost' is winning its Wednesday time slot and is drawing 15.9 million weekly viewers, making it the 14th-ranked program in primetime, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The drama about plane crash survivors stranded on a mysterious island features an ensemble cast including Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews and Josh Holloway.

'Alias,' with Jennifer Garner as a fetching spy, will return for its fifth season after improving its ratings this year, ABC said.

'Boston Legal,' a reworked version of the canceled 'The Practice' with Emmy-winning stars James Spader and William Shatner, will get a second season after winning its Sunday time slot among total viewers."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Affleck and Garner starring in Moonlighting movie 

Moviehole.net - Affleck and Garner starring in Moonlighting movie: "In a move that's likely to get a few Bruno and Cybill fans a little steamed under the mesh collar, Ben Affleck has finalized a deal to bring TV's 'Moonlighting' to the silver screen, says Moonlightingmovie-AFD.

Affleck will write, direct and star in the movie, taking on the role of private detective David Addison.

Affleck's 'Daredevil' co-star Jennifer Garner, is in negotiations to play the role originally played by Cybill Shepherd - model turned detective, Maddie Hayes.

'I've always been a huge fan of the show - especially the way it mish-mashed the humor and adventure. The producers had been trying to get a film version off the ground for quite a while - but Bruce [Willis] wasn't up for it. That's when Jennifer and I came in', he says, adding that he and Matt Damon had once considered bringing 'Jake and the Fatman' to screens but the rights had already been snapped up. 'There's more potential here', he explains.

'We're going to keep the show's familiar essence, but spice it up a bit - we've talked to Andre 3000 about jazzing up the theme, and have asked Bruce to even let us use 'Respect Yourself' for the teaser', says the Oscar Winner. "

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DVD Review: "Elektra", starring Jennifer Garner 

DVD Review: "Elektra", starring Jennifer Garner
"Given the lukewarm response Daredevil received critically it came as somewhat a surprise when Twentieth Century Fox announced Jennifer Garner would be reprising the role of then deceased Elektra in her own spin-off feature movie. How would she come back to life? Would Daredevil fit into the plot? Would there be a plot? Would anyone care?

Daredevil was written using the universal template for comic book heroes by sticking with a straightforward story that first introduces the hero and then presents a crisis for the hero to resolve. The writing trio of Zak Penn, Stuart Zicherman and Raven Metzner tossed the proven template out the window in favor of a more disjointed, risque approach with Elektra.

The story finds Elektra alive and physically well a few years after her death in Daredevil, using magical skills such as super speed and visual premonition to assassinate bad guys she's been paid to off. This is obviously one troubled chick willing to kill anyone without remorse though it's never fully explained why."

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